10 Simple Ways For Immediate Knee Pain Relief

How to select the right knee brace ?

On the market at this moment, there are more than twenty different models of knee braces, and choosing the right knee brace should depend on two factors, the type of injury you have had and the type of recreational or sporting activity you do. And here we will tell you of some types of knee braces:

Closed patella brace

This one is usually used for controlling the swelling of the knee joint, and is also  suitable for running and fast walking, and also is used for discomfort in the knee. But this one is not recommended for those sports movements involving squats or climbing stairs because the patella brace can not open and it provides additional pressure in the patella femoral joints.

Open patella brace

This one brace has some wider use in relation to the closed one, except it is easier for everyday usage it is used for decentralized cup or after its strain, and it is set do that the stabilization ring completely covers the cup and it is especiallu important that the outer edges of the cup lie well on the ring ,

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