11 Effective Ways to Stop Suffering From Constipation and Stomach Ache

There are two common and probable causes of stomach pain. It could be emotional problems like stress, depression, worry and anxiety which are the primary reasons. Secondly, your stomach can be irritated by your constant dosage of drugs. We usually think nothing of popping OTC pills for various ailments but these take a toll on our digestive system. Such problems have a high probability of being experienced by all of us.

Stress is constant throughout our lives and we usually result in taking painkillers to treat our systems but it only just gets rid of the symptoms. This article will provide with you some different methods to help you in your digestion problems like constipations, indigestion, etc. and provide relief instead of taking painkillers and pills. You should have some knowledge about your diet and start welcoming useful herbs into your home.

1.Use warmth to relieve pain

Your irritable bowel syndrome can cause pain which can be eased by a warm compress. You can use a rubber warmer and even an electric heating pad. You should avoid placing the warmer on your skin as it can cause skin burns, so try putting a layer of cloth in between. A good old style hot compress is also effective.

2.Drink baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is present in Baking soda which has the property of relieving during acid reflux. This relieves symptoms of heartburns as well as neutralization of the stomach acids. Baking soda is a helpful remedy in constipation.