11 Important Things Your Vaginal Discharge Can Reveal About Your Health

It is true that it is kind of gross to think about it, but paying attention to your vaginal discharge can reveal some important info.

You’re ovulating

The discharge from the vagina can change during your monthy cycle. You might notice some difference in the texture, consistency, the color, amount and also the smell, as Dr. Scott, an ob-gyn an Indiana University Health has noted. What is most noticeable from these changes is what happens during ovulation. While preparating to help the sperm reach the egg, the discharge from the vagina will become thin, slippery and also stretchy like egg whites, she noted. And in case you are trying to get pregnant, the best time to make love is when you start noticing this type of discharge. (That is because there is nothing sexier than saying to your loved one that you have egg whites coming out of the ‘nethers).Continue Article On Next Page

You’re pregnant

Due to the fact that the vaginal discharge is closely related to hormonal fluctuations, it is of no surprise that pregnancy, nine months of one big formonal fluctuation, can increase it. So many pregnant woman have an increase in discharge and it can take on a white yellow tinge, as Dr. Scott says. The following are some skin and beauty surprises that can happen during pregnancy.

You’re in labor

In case you’re pregnant and suddenly notice an uptick in mucous-y discharge, congratulations because you’re about to have a baby! Because the cervix dilates in preparation for delivery, mucous discharge increases and may indicate labor is beginning , some women even experience a large “chunk” of discharge, often referred to as the mucous plug. You should not get too excited just yet as the beginning stages of labor can take a long time—days, and sometimes even weeks. In case you have a lot of mucous coming out of your vagina, check with your doctor and he or she will be able to give you a say of how close your labor is.

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