14 Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and How to Reverse It Naturally!

Fix the adrenal fatigue naturally:

  1. Test your saliva to detect your cortisol levels
  2. Restore circadian rhythm
  3. Eat regularly to keep stable blood sugar levels
  4. Consume hormone-balancing, nutrient-rich foods and healthy fats
  5. Consume enough calories
  6. Eat foods high in vitamin C and B
  7. Include probiotic foods in your diet
  8. Cut down the coffee
  9. Consume adaptogenic herbs
  10. Relax and minimize stress
  11. Get enough sleep, at least eight hours

The saliva testing requires four samples in one day to determine your cortisol rhythm, so that you will have the information you need to restore any imbalance.

Next, combine a nutrient-rich diet with a healing protocol, by adding more veggies to each meal, high quality wild fish, eggs, grass fed lamb and beef etc. Consume high-quality sea salt, also healthy fats such as olive oil, butter, coconut oil, then super-foods such as organ meats, raw probiotic foods/kraut, and bone broth.

Then, you should take the right healing supplements on a regular basis, including:

  1. Tulsi and nettle tea
  2. Phosphatidylserine
  3. Adrecore
  4. B-vitamins
  5. Minerals
  6. Adaptogenic herbs, such as licorice root, adrenatone, maca root, and/or GAIA
  7. Vitamin C