14 Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and How to Reverse It Naturally!

Finally, to restore your natural circadian rhythms you should start eating every four hours, waking up every day at the same time and going to bed by 10pm. It is very important to keep stable your blood sugar levels since blood sugar imbalances can stress your adrenals. You can achieve this by eliminating white sugar, gluten, refined foods, coffee, sodas, and nightly wine of your diet. Avoid skipping meals. To boost your digestion you can even take a high-quality probiotic supplements.

If you want to get rid of the fatigue, add adaptogenic herbs, such as holy basil, licorice root, ashwaganda, schizandra, rhodiola, and maca to your daily routine. Before you do any of this be sure to consult a practitioner to help you determine what you need.

Even though you start eating well, you can not solve this problem if you do not make some simple lifestyle changes. Start by getting restorative sleep and taking enough time to relax and calm down your exhausted and overstimulated body and mind.