4 Relaxing Yoga Exercises That Will Make You Sleep Better

Do you experience difficulty dozing? Do you experience the ill effects of back agony the minute you lie in bed? Try not to stress, we will enable you to rest better, and back agony free.

Here are some yoga presents exceptionally valuable to dispense with the absence of rest and convey a little bliss to your regular day to day existence. These activities should be possible specifically in your bed and are fitting for anybody, paying little heed to the physical planning.

1. Diminishing Pose

This posture will enable you to ease worry from your back, hips and midriff.

Lie on your back and unwind.

Curve your knees and force them towards your chest.

Take a full breath while holding your knees and pulling them towards your face.

Breathe out and take your legs back to your stomach.

Do the posture for 1 minute.