Here are the best essential oils against saggy skin and wrinkles:

1. Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil can reduce the appearance of age spots and freckles while also resolving saggy skin and wrinkles. It can protect the skin from external irritants and bacteria, effectively preventing a variety of skin disorders. Frankincense oil can also delay the aging process and keep your skin look flawless even as you age. It can also remove scars from your skin and help in the cases of dry or oily skin as well.

To use it, mix 6 drops of the oil with a bit of coconut or olive oil, then rub it on the affected area of your skin. Test the oil on a smaller patch of skin first in order to see if you’re allergic to it.

2. Neroli oil

The neroli oil is a fairly unknown oil that can do wonders for your skin. The oil contains a powerful compound known as citral that can help your skin cells regenerate. The neroli oil can also deep clean your pores and improve your skin’s elasticity while also delaying the aging process. It is often used in anti-aging creams and lotions and can help you skin cells regenerate after being chemically damaged. The neroli oil works great for people with sensitive skin and should be rubbed on the affected areas a few times per day.

3. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the best oils for your skin. It can prevent a variety of infections and accelerate the healing of minor cuts and wounds by regenerating your skin cells. According to studies, the oil contains powerful antioxidants (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione) that can repair the skin cells and destroy any bacteria as well. To use it, mix a few drops of the oil with coconut or frankincense oil, then rub it on the affected parts of your skin.

4. Grapeseed oil

The grapeseed oil has regenerating properties and contains astringent compounds which can tighten your skin. In medicine, this oil is used to reduce swelling and is a part of many cosmetic products. Grapeseed oil can balance the epithelium (skin layer) and shrink your pores, effectively preventing them from getting clogged. To use it, rub a few drops of the oil on your palms, then massage the affected part of your skin. Do this every day and your skin should look much better soon.

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