5. Pomegranate oil

The pomegranate oil has powerful healing properties and is a favorite of many healers. The juice of the fruit has powerful healing compounds and can improve your circulation and prevent free radical damage. This powerful oil can treat sunburns just as effective as most sunscreens, while also improving the flexibility of your skin and eliminating saggy skin. All you need to do is rub a few drops of the pomegranate oil on clean skin and leave it to soak it all in. The best time to do this is before going to bed.

6. Almond oil

Finally, the almond oil is one of the best oils for your skin. It contains a lot of vitamin E as well as other powerful compounds which can tighten, clean and soften your skin. The oil can keep your skin hydrated and protect it from harsh weather and can be used every day without any side-effects. To use it, just rub a drop or two of the oil on the affected part of your skin.

Possible side-effects

Essential oils are pretty powerful, so they shouldn’t be underestimated and should be used with caution. They are highly concentrated and may cause problems on sensitive skin. This is why they must be used in diluted form with carrier oils such as avocado, coconut or olive oil. Jojoba oil is a good choice as well as it has powerful healing and hydrating properties.

Before using them, it might be a good idea to try the oil on a small patch of skin first. Just rub a bit on your forearm and leave it for 24 hours – if there’s no irritation, you can proceed using the oil against saggy skin and other skin problems. You can also make an essential oil blend from a few oils diluted with a carrier oil. The best ratio is 4 drops of a carrier oil along with a drop of your essential oil blend. When using essential oils on your skin, make sure to consult an aromatherapist first, especially if you’re pregnant or suffer from a pre-existing medical condition.

Where to get essential oils?

The safest essential oils to use are 100% high-quality oils which you can get from a licensed health store. They may be more expensive, but they work far better than the cheaper blends. Make sure to get an oil without additives as it might harm and even damage your skin.

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