7 Bedtime Bad Habits That Make Us Gain Weight At Night

6. Setting the alarm too late

Believe it or not, researchers say that people who are exposed to bright light earlier in the morning have lower body mass index, than those who’re exposed to light later. It’s proven that even 20-30 minutes of natural outdoor light affects your body mass index. So wake up early and go for a morning run!

7. Surrounding yourself with the wrong color.

The color blue promotes relaxation and, therefore, better sleep. It’s also the color that suppresses the appetite. Meanwhile, colors like red or orange make you feel energized and hungry. So you might reconsider the color palette of your bedroom from now on.

Which of these bedtime mistakes did you know and which of them were new to you? Are you going to change any of your evening habits after reading this article? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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