7 Diets That Can Make You More Fit in One Month

6. The Paleolithic diet

This diet is also called the Paleo diet or the stone-age diet. It was designed by American nutritionist Loren Cordain. It requires the consumption of foods that were presumed to have been available to or consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era. As we remember learning in school, they hunted and collected berries and plants.

  • Main features

If you follow this diet, you have to focus on non-processed meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, berries, mushrooms, and fish. You should avoid eating any processed foods like dairy products, grains, sugar, salt, legumes, sweets, and so on. According to Cordian, these products cause health problems as they contradict the genetic structure of human beings. There’s a study that proves the paleolithic diet really helps with weight loss.

  • Possible side effects

If you stop consuming dairy products, grains, and legumes, this may result in calcium, iron, and magnesium deficiency. A great amount of meat and saturated fats may cause cardiovascular system problems. The diet is quite controversial, so it’s recommended to follow a short-term paleolithic diet only.

5. The Perricone diet

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is an American nutritionist and dermatologist. His diet can help you get fit and improve your skin thanks to fish fats that slow down aging.

  • Main features

You’re allowed to eat big amounts of fish, protein, fruit, and vegetables while on this diet. You have to exclude products like sauces, sweets, alcohol, and pastries. It’s crucial to consume the allowed products in a certain order. First, you eat food containing protein, then you eat fiber, and then foods containing carbs (fruits). This order helps to slow down the process of sugar absorption which contributes to fat deposition. You can try this method for 3 days and if you like it, you can prolong it for 1 month.

  • Possible side effects

There are no contraindications.

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