7 Habits That Are Harmful For Your Bones!

Have you ever thought how your habits affect the health and vitality of your bones? That only one change can make a big step towards improving their strength, or just one bad habit can lead to weakening of the bone tissue.

  • Too much salt

With salt intake, your body loses calcium, so the more salt, less calcium you have. Reduce your intake of salt in your diet and avoid foods like chips, savory cheeses, fast foods that contain too much salt.

  • Sitting in front of TV

We all want to enjoy watching our favorite series, but excessive sitting or lying down makes our  bones lazy. Exercise is an ideal replacement for it.

The best thing for your bones is when you’re upright and your feet and legs hold the entire weight of the body and your muscles and bones are active and struggle with gravity.

  • Cycling in the long run

Cycling strengthens the heart and lungs, but not bone. To improve the strength and density of bones, doctors recommend walking or running as efficiently.

If you are passionate cyclist, then try to combine sports activities, and insert tennis, swimming, dancing in the sports agenda.