7 Natural Ways To Fight Anxiety, Stress And Depression

Valerian plant

People have rested for centuries by the help of the valerian, and its first use was by the Hippocrates and the valerian acted as a body sedative. It is inside fifty forms, as juices, tea, pills, drops and so on.

Lemon grass

The balm from lemon, Melissa or lemon grass is the most commonly used drug against mental problems, and the phytotherapeutics especially emphasize the beneficial effects of the tea in case of depression, tension, anxiety, headache, insomnia, vomiting and irregular menstruation caused by stress, and its best effect is achieved if using a fresh herb that can be combined with some other medicinal herbs with similar effects, for example the valerian, lavender and chamomile.

Hops hop

This one is also known as an outstanding natural sedative, so it is widely used to treat diseases of the nervous system. This herb’s extract acts effectively against milder depressive symptoms, tension, irritability, insomnia and it contains in itself high percentage of hormones like estrogen.

This herb is very much recommended for women in menopause and to relieve premenstrual syndrome and is taken as a tea and often used in sleeping pills and it is also anti anxiety.

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