Cold Water Vs Warm Water: One of Them is Damaging to Your Health

3. Improves Circulation

Drinking warm water can also help enhance the blood flow in your body’s circulatory system. According to this study, when the human body is exposed to warm temperature, blood cell flow increases by a dramatic amount when first introduced.

It then declines back to a normal rate of blood flow and begins to slowly increase the longer it is exposed to heat. Drinking warm water can help improve your circulation by warming up your body from the inside.

4. Weight Loss

Drinking water in general can aid in weight loss, but with all of the other health benefits of drinking warm water, this is the best way to consume this fat-burning liquid.

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, a group of overweight female participants were instructed to drinking large amount of water in order to study its effect on weight loss.

After eight weeks, researchers found that participants had experienced a decrease in body weight, their body mass index, and their overall appetite.


Drinking cold water when you’re feeling hot on a hot summer day may feel heavenly. It helps you to cool down within seconds, but I bet you never thought about what cold water does to your body (as opposed to warm water).