Homemade Menstrual Cramp Relief Salve

If you are keen on making and using homemade remedies, then this is the right solution for you. This salve is very beneficial for relieving the menstrual pain.

Some people think that the making of salve or balm is really hard, but actually, it isn’t, and the advantages are better than just using the oil.

This salve is made from 6 oils, which all have different impacts on our body.

The fennel oil is beneficial for the tummy and for relieving any nausea that may come with the cramps. The lemongrass is relieving the pain, as well as the marjoram oil.

The clary sage oil is beneficial for maintaining the balance and regulating the cycle, while the lavender oil has calming effects for the pain and swelling.

The last, peppermint oil is also helpful for relieving the pain, so every one of these together is a perfect combination for those days.

This balm can be used every day, or just when you will have the need for it.