Together with  a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, our hormones might play a certain role in gaining weight. In case you have been on one of the popular protein diets (meaning you eat only meat and have forgotten what carbs look like) for over a month, but your weight did not actually changed, estrogen is probably to blame. In order to balance an excess of estrogen in your body and other hormones, it is actually  recommended to minimize the consumption of products rich in protein.

Having high levels of estrogen will actually make you gain weight despite the food you eat and this excess weight is mainly stored on the hips and your menstrual cycle is irregular, you might as well  have headaches, or actually become too emotional. A large amount of estrogen might also be the reason for hair loss, some memory loss, and irregular sleep.

The buildup of estrogen you might have  in the body is caused by eating meat produced under industrial conditions with the use of growth hormones. Substances that are similar to estrogen are actually used in the production of plastics and household chemicals.

  • In order to clear your body of the excess of estrogen, consume less meat, and replace it with vegetables. Some high with fiber foods bind with estrogen and eliminate it from your body. Oats, Flaxseed, apples, and pears diminish its negative impact on the body. The rosem
  • ary essential oil can help to restore the balance on the hormones and improve your memory.

Having some serious lack of serotonin almost always manifests itself in depression and a bad mood. What is more, persons with a deficiency of serotonin often change their eating habits. If you are feeling like eating a whole chocolate cake all by yourself or you dream of french fries at night, this is the way your body signals to you that you actually might have a deficiency of the happiness hormone.

  • Some natural sources of serotonin are eggs, nuts, and pineapples. Pineapples in themselves also contain bromelain; this is a ferment that prevents swelling. A little bit of physical exercise and spending more time outside increases the level of serotonin.

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