Ghrelin is one hormone that always determines if you’re hungry or not. It is quite stubborn: even after a year on a low-calorie diet, the level of ghrelin could still be high (the body will try to store the fat tissue just in case). This type of hormones might help us lose weight easily and it also makes it really difficult to keep it on.

  • But, it is quite easy to outsmart it. You will only need to consume products that stretch your stomach — such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. And after consuming these kinds of  foods, the hormonal reaction starts and you start to feel full. Cut down sugar and the processed foods because they are actually  high in calories but they keep the level of ghrelin unchanged. Right after eating a cinnamon bun you’ll become hungry again.
  • Sleeping good  and no stress are the best ways to keep the level of ghrelin at bay. After six to eight hours of sleep the concentration of the hormone in the blood drops. Caution: do not ever get carried away with lowering the level of ghrelin, it’s an important hormone. So it plays a crucial role in studying and the development of intellectual abilities.

In case the concentration of neuropeptide Y is high in the blood, you might end up having a ravenous appetite. This one can not only lead to simple gain weight, but to actual real clinical obesity.

Having excess of neuropeptide Y can cause the fat tissue to be stored in the lower back, hips, and buttocks because of the quick weight gain caused by this hormone stretch marks might appear. The whole body will undergo a real emotional storm: irritability, anxiety, and headaches will  appear. You might as well experience some excessive sweating, pigment spots might appear, and blood pressure rises.

  • Exclude from your diet all kinds of foods with a high concentration of sugar in them. Some spices and flavorings shall be banned as well since they often make you hungry.

A high level of this one leads to rapid weight gain. Females might be able to notice that hair fluff appears all over their body, a small mustache starts to grow, and their menstrual cycle changes. The excess of this leads to the growth of the mammary glands in men. In case you notice any these symptoms, it is actually necessary that you talk to your doctor since a high level of prolactin might indicate a hypophysis tumor (prolactinoma).

  • It is obvious that , just like any hormonal imbalance of the hormones, having a high level of prolactin should be treated by doctors, but there exist foods that can also help you lower its level. Pay  some of your attention to ginseng and ginkgo biloba, because they might help you treat your prolactin imbalance.

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