How To Remove Facial Blemishes With Homemade Creams

Do you want to eliminate the stains on your face and also unify the tone of your complexion? Do not miss trying these simple natural creams that we bring you today. They are simple and very effective!

The spots on the face usually appear for several factors, among the most common are age and sun exposure without protection, but they can also be caused by inheritance, hormonal disorders or as a side effect by the use of certain medications.

Fortunately, nature gives us excellent ingredients with which we can create homemade creams to eliminate stains and unify skin tone.

Remember that to prevent the appearance of the spots you must apply sunscreen every day and pamper your skin to also avoid damage and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Today we bring you excellent options to prepare these simple creams which you can mostly make with ingredients you have at home.

Masks to remove stains and lighten the skin

1. Homemade cream of onion and apple cider vinegar


  • Half an onion
  • Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • A spoonful of honey


You must first extract the juice from the onion and this can be done by processing the onion in the blender or by grating it and then you must strain it with the help of a cloth, to extract only its juice. Add the rest of the ingredients to this juice and mix very well.

To apply it simply you must dip a cotton in this mixture and apply on the clean face free of makeup. Let it act for half an hour and remove with cold water. Repeat its use every night until the spots are removed.