How to Treat and Cure Your Stiff Neck or Shoulder to Ease the Pain

Ultimate Solution: A Gravity Inversion Table

The ultimate solution to chronic neck pain and stiffness, bad back, and general stress-related chronic pain is, of course, the gravity inversion table. The bottom line is, if we have to reduce over-curvature, compression, and tightness in the whole skeleton, this can most easily and pleasantly be achieved in a completely passive way with gentle anti-gravity traction as shown in the next video.

Hanging Upside Down to Lengthen the Neck

Checklist to Cure a Stiff Neck or Shoulder

Just remember this checklist on how to prevent, treat and cure your stiff neck or shoulder. Then your pain will soon ease away.

  • Re-align your shoulders so they are at the side of your body and not in front.
  • Retract the head so it sits above the spine (between the shoulders) and not in front of it.
  • Keep the chin down.
  • Perform the “yes, no and maybe” exercise at least once a day or whenever you feel stiff in the neck.
  • Perform the slow head rolls at least once a day or whenever you feel stiff in the neck. Don’t wait until your neck hurts so much you don’t want to move it.
  • Check your sleeping habits and use of pillows as described above.
  • Buy a Gravity Inversion Table to straighten you out. No more osteopath bills, no more pain.

The exercises and tips given above will help you attain a level of physical consciousness and awareness to treat and cure a stiff neck or shoulder to ease the pain forever.