I Took The 30-Day Plank Challenge And Here’s What Happened

All oft he Internet fitness challenges are not effective, but we want to share with you a 30-day challenge, that can bring benefits to your health. We will tell you about the experience of someone who took this challenge.

This challenge is to maintain the same posture for a certain time period, 20 seconds on the first day, up to 5 minutes on day 30.

Our journalist decided to test the effectiveness of the challenge. She is not really a sedentary person, therefore she thought it would be an easy test.I was actually overconfident. When I succeeded to do them right, my core quaked, and I looked desperately at the timer on my phone as it counted down to zero, she has confessed to us.

”My abs have been strengthened and I did not really realize it until the final week when my plank hold felt considerably easier than during week one. Even though I didn’t see a difference, I could actually feel it.“