The Color Of Your Earwax Can Tell How Healthy You Are

Cleaning our ears is one of the most important aspects of our personal hygiene routine. While the majority of readers probably don’t pay close attention to their earwax, the following list of medical issues can be indicated by its coloration. Let’s take a closer look at the following list of maladies and what our earwax will have to tell us about them.

If the earwax is grey, this means that we are functioning as normal. For the most part, grey earwax is simply the byproduct of dust. If you are someone who lives in a city, then you are far more likely to have grey earwax because of the polluted air.

The presence of blood in the earwax can be very problematic. This usually means that the eardrum has experienced some form of perforation. It can also mean that the ears have become infected, so be sure to visit a doctor to find out more.

Brown earwax does not indicate any sort of physical malady. What it does indicate is the presence of stress. Brown earwax means that we need to unplug for a bit and spend some time in as peaceful of an environment as possible.