This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong With Your Health!All of us sometimes experience headaches, and there is an effective trick in order to solve them. You simply need to eat a banana and drinks lots of water in order to alleviate the pain.However, this trick is not always useful. Headaches may be of different types, and consequently, when they suffer from headache symptoms, millions of people are misdiagnosed when they consult their doctor.This is because of the numerous headache types that may  occur, and thus common treatments may not apply to many  of them. Headaches may be caused by common reasons like fatigue or dehydration, but they  may often indicate a more serious health issue.A famous neurologist, Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD, explains that headaches may often be manifested by “red light warning signals”, and therefore, you need to learn how to distinguish between common headaches and  ones that  may be a sign of an alarming issue.However, instead of taking a pill immediately after the headache occurs, you should first check if it indicates another health problem.The most common types of headaches are four and all of them indicate something about the body.

If you learn their signals, you will effectively learn to treat them properly.Also, instead of taking painkillers which provide only temporary effects, we have included some natural treatment alternatives that  will efficiently reduce pain.