What to eat before and after a workout

Workouts are hard and all that physical exercise will definitely make you hungry. However, in order to make sure that all that effort was not in vain, you have to be very careful about what you eat. I know that your body craves sugar or foods that have a lot of fats, but you have to keep away from them. You are allowed however to eat some foods that are low in calories and which will fuel your energy and make you start your workout with a lot more energy than usual or will quench your hunger. Here are some of them:

  1. Whole wheat toast with bananas

Working out requires a lot of energy, which is why you should stock up on carbs. This is an example of a great meal before going to the gym. Fruits, especially bananas, contain a lot of potassium and give you a ton of energy for the workout. The whole wheat toast also contains a lot of carbs and will give you plenty of energy to finish an entire workout. On top of this, it is also delicious!

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