You Probably Have 20 Lbs Colon Poison Inside. Do This To Remove It

Colon Cancer or Cancer of the Colon: Survival Rate, Recurrence, Prevention, Coping

How to Prevent Colon Cancer or Cancer of the Colon in People at a Higher Risk?

Colon cancer or precancerous polyp’s risks can be reduced through surgery or medication. The guarantee of this medicine has not been ascertained for people having average risk of colon cancer or cancer of the colon. Discuss the risks and benefits of preventive treatment with your doctor, if your risks of colon cancer are high:

How to Prevent Colon Cancer
  • Aspirin. Regular use of aspirin has been linked to reduced risks of colon cancer and polyps according to evidence. Research on low dose aspirin has not confirmed this to be true. The reduction of colon cancer or cancer of the colon chances can be attributed to long-term use of high doses of aspirin. Ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding are some o the side effects that are likely to accrue with using aspirin in this manner.
  • Celebrex (celecoxib). Pain relief is provided by Celebrex and drugs called COX-2. In individual who have been diagnosed before with polyps, COX- 2 reduces precancerous polyps, according to some statistics.
  • Surgical procedure for cancer prevention. In case you risk colon cancer due to inherited disorders laid inflammatory bowel sickness or familial polyposis, your doctor can recommend that your colon be removed in its entirety so as to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

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